Teaching Innovations

I love to experiment with evidence-based methods to engage students in learning. I am particularly interested in supporting students’ development of essential skills to thrive in their future careers, which include, but are not limited to, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and communication.

As an instructor and data scientist who has training in interdisciplinary educational research, I often use the course that I teach as a lab for teaching and research innovations. I  love to collect data from my students and my teachings as formative feedback. Meanwhile, those data may help me to answer interesting research questions on how people learn.

List of courses that I conduct educational research

IS 733 Fall 2021

  • Piloted caselet/Data Science Problem Solving practice
  • Piloted methods for developing metacognition skills including learning journals, self-tracking, and reflection

IS 296 Spring 2022

  • Piloted Digital Data Storytelling in collaboration with Montegeory College Digital Storytelling Interns



My participation in FDC faculty development activities